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A septic system is an onsite Wastewater Treatment Plant that accepts wastewater from the home.  Household wastewater collected from sinks, showers, toilets, dishwashers and washing machines is treated through two main components of the septic system, the septic tank and the leaching field or drainfield.

A conventional septic system is comprised of two components: a septic tank and a leaching bed.  Wastewater from your home flows into the septic tank.  This is where most of the bacterial action takes place.  Heavy solids settle to the bottom and lighter materials, like fats and grease, rise to the top.   The bacterial action decomposes the solids into digested sludge and gases.  An outlet baffle or effluent filter installed in the septic tank helps prevent the sludge from exiting the septic tank and entering the leachfield.


Regular maintenance and pumping are good ways to prolong a septic system's proper functioning.

Complete Septic System Designs, Installations, Maintenance, Cleaning and Repairs, Portable Restroom Rentals